International truck transport and shipment from England and back

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We are a transport company with almost 24 years of experience in the field of international truck transport and shipment.

Join our satisfied customers and tell us your requirements. We will prepare a tailor-made solution and will transport the goods safely anywhere you need. At the same time we find optimum logistics solutions, which always start from your specifications and conditions for the terms of transportation, volume, weight and specific characteristics of the goods.

Our specialization since the establishment of the company is carrying out transport to the UK and back. Currently, we focus on the transport of goods to EU countries and Switzerland.

We provide transport of conventional pallets, bulk goods, goods under controlled temperature including goods under ADR. We provide both carload shipment and loads, while in most cases we rely on our own fleet, which is constantly upgraded with an emphasis on traffic safety and secure goods during transport. At the same time we are also environmentally friendly - in the choice of technology, we place great emphasis on having the least impact on the environment.

In addition to the above, we can offer many years of experience based on a professional customer approach, guarantee compliance with the time of shipment and timely delivery of goods to the customer.

Our reliability by delivering just-in-time operationally allows our customers to reduce inventory and thereby reduce their costs. Thanks to modern technology we can also quickly react to the specific requirements of our customers.

Transport to and from England
We specialize in regular transportation to and from Great Britain.

Dangerous loads
We transport hazardous materials.

New Volvo trucks
We acquired 2 new trucks Volvo with motors capacity 500 , type euro 6        
Requirements and needs of our customers is our priority. We responsibly and reliably deliver your goods to their destination in the shortest possible time.
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Why choose us

  • transport of palletized goods
  • transport of bulk goods
  • transport of fresh, perishable foods quickly
  • transport of deeply frozen food
  • transport of industrial shipments under controlled temperature
  • transport of rolled coils
  • ADR goods
  • transport of waste
  • transport of goods to EU countries, Switzerland and Russia
  • specialization in transport to and from Great Britain
  • almost twenty years of experience
  • quality fleet
  • experienced team
  • professional customer approach
  • guaranteed timely delivery of your goods